Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Expected Research Output

Expected Output

The expected output to be generated in the research would be precise information about the issues of VOIP identified in the research particularly in the integrity issues, vulnerability and security measures.

The output would also be an assessment on the level of awareness of the community with VOIP technology and services.

The issues in VOIP are a continuous process and are under study and research. The output information would be set as additional information with the existing information of VOIP and its issues.

The output information would be beneficial for students enrolled with IT, and to the educators for additional information. The consumers and future users of VOIP would benefit to the information generated for their awareness and advance security preparations.

The output would also be beneficial to other and future researchers for review, references and as the baseline information for related topic.The output would be appreciated by organizations related to VOIP in the local and if successfully in the national.

The output would be accessed by any individual; male and female. The individual can be a professional or student searching for information about VOIP, its services and issues.

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rsgamboa said...

ur doing great ... congratz in advance