Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Research: Significance and Objectives of the Study

Significance of the Study

The research study could provide information on the issues of Voice-over-Internet Protocol technology particularly on the integrity, vulnerability and security of VoIP calls.

Further, this study would also be a review on the VoIP Technology present and service providers based in the Philippines particularly in local Davao City area.

This study would be beneficial to the Commission on Telecommunication in the city as this study enhance the knowledge of the telephony providers and users about the possible issues on VoIP Technology.

Furthermore, this study would be beneficial to the telephony providers and the users as this study would provide the necessary information on the different threats and attacks in VoIP technology. This would expectedly heighten the awareness of the providers and the users to equip a counterattack to possible threats.

To the future researchers, this study can provide baseline information on the recent status of VoIP technology.

Objectives of the Study

This study aimed to determine the issues on the integrity, vulnerability, and security of phone call in VoIP Technology.

This study is designed to identify the possible types of attacks and threats on VoIP Technology and its measures.

This study would specifically persuade the following objectives:

1. To determine the integrity of phone call from Voip Phones
2. To determine the vulnerability of VoIP Phone calls
3. To determine the types of attacks from Voip phone calls.
4. To determine the measures of security from phone call attacks.
5. To realize awareness on VoIP services and issues to the future users.

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